Portfolio Setup


Portfolio Setup

In this tutorial we will show you how to setup portfolio page with portfolio posts in your website.

Brando provides options to create unlimited portfolio pages; you have 3 portfolio types, Gutter, Gutter Medium and Gutter Wide with 7 predefined portfolio styles. You can also set portfolio column types, 2 Columns, 3 Columns, 4 Columns or 5 Columns. You can set categories to show posts of your desired categories, portfolio filters, manage lightbox popup option, color, display order, animation and much more to create an awesome portfolio for your website.

If you have imported demo data then portfolio will be ready in your website, you just needs to edit categories, portfolio posts etc. There are main three steps (Create Portfolio Categories, Create Portfolio Posts and Create Portfolio Pages) to setup portfolio.

Step 1 – Create Portfolio Categories

Let us start with creating categories. Follow below steps to create a portfolio categories.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Portfolio > Categories.
  2. To add a new category, enter category name, slug. Description and category image will display on category page only.


Step 2 – Create Portfolio Posts

Our next step is to create portfolio post.Follow below steps to create a portfolio post.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Portfolio > All Projects and click on Add New.
  2. Enter title, Description, Assign Categories, Set featured image and you can also manage portfolio format and settings.


Step 3 – Create Portfolio Pages

Our next step is to create portfolio page. Follow below steps to create a portfolio page.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Pages > Add New Page.
  2. Enter page title and click on “+ Add Element”, If you are not able to see “+ Add Element” then click on “Backend Editor” with visual composer option.create-portfolio-pages
  3. Select Portfolio Filter Shortcode to place portfolio filter list.shortcode-options-1
  4. We have 6 styles of filter display, you can choose any one. Now select categories to show as filters on portfolio page and click on save changes.portfolio-filter
  5. Now click on plus to add portfolio list. Select Portfolio Shortcode to place portfolio items list.portfolio-add-list
  6. General tab – We have 7 different portfolio styles, you can select any one here. Select column type, Portfolio Type. Now select categories which you have selected for portfolio filters before. Portfolio filter categories and portfolio list categories should be same. You can set maximum no of post display on portfolio page. If you enable lightbox popup then all featured images of portfolio post will show in lightbox gallery and there will be no project detail page.
    Settings tab – You can show/hide title/subtitle.
    Order tab – You can set Display Items Order by and Sort by.
    Style tab – You can set margin or padding settings if required.
    Color Settings tab – You can set title, subtitle and border color if required.
    Animation tab –  You can set any animation from predefined animation list.portfolio-general
  7. Now click on Save changes and publish page. Click on portfolio page link to check it at frontend.

Video Tutorial – Portfolio Setup